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symfony, composer, clear:cache issue with vagrant and virtualbox

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Quick tip today,

I have just finished to setup a new development environment with vagrant for my Symfony project, I have struggled with the clear:cache command, every time this command is failing.

Virtualbox seems to be the one to blame, below some relevant links:

The solution I have chosen is to change the directories of logs and cache:

    public function getCacheDir()
        if (in_array($this->environment, ['dev', 'test'])) {
            return '/tmp/cache/' .  $this->environment;

        return parent::getCacheDir();

    public function getLogDir()
        if (in_array($this->environment, ['dev', 'test'])) {
            return '/var/log/symfony/logs';

        return parent::getLogDir();

And all is fine with Symfony and vagrant after that, composer run, do is clear:cache, and nothing is broken anymore !


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